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How's my driving?

[ profile] airdancing

This is a place for you to leave any crit or comment (good or bad!) about how I play Trucy. Anon is on and ip tracking is off. I'd love to hear how I'm doing or how I can improve. ♥

Thank you!

► Threadhopping with this character: Feel free! I love threadjacking and hopping, so please have at!
► Backtagging with this character: Yes. I don't mind backtagging in the slightest!
► Hugging this character?: She's very friendly so yes, hugging is good! ... Unless you're a creeper and then she'll be like :|;;
► Giving this character a kiss?: Uhh, as long as it's appropriate and again, not creepy, s'all good!
► Punching this character: W-why would you want to? Look at her! She's adorable! Just hit me up on aim. I'd be interested in why your character would want to hit her! ;__;
► Is there anything ought not be mentioned near this character?:Nothing really. Trucy is good at dealing with her angst so unless your character managed to get to her, she won't react that badly to anything. She does have Daddy issues though. ):
► Special Physical features: She's dressed like a magician. B| This is basically the most important and obvious one. |D
► Fighting Abilities: None, Mr. Hat has a mean right hook though.
►Other: She'll attempt to ~*~dazzle~*~ your character with magic at some point. :|b

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