Nov. 22nd, 2012

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This is just a quick permissions post for Trucy. While she is an average teenage girl, Trucy has the "perceive" ability. This allows her to focus on the nervous habits or ticks of those around her. It's a pretty interesting trait to play with so I thought throwing this up could be productive! More details about the ability can be found here! (spoilers for final case of Apollo Justice!)

I figured that the easiest way to play it out (if people want to!) is to have a list of various character's habits and then if they want it to be noticed, it can just be written into the tag. Unless you are Phoenix Wright, then it's just too easy!♥ However, do not fret if you don't want her to constantly be a massive tool pain. She's smart enough to know when bringing it up would be inappropriate! It's more of a silly aspect of her personality (at least outside of court!), seeing as in canon it's used to help Daddy cheat at cards!

Thank you! ♥


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